Testimonials from Our Raving Fans

  • Joren Cummins Avatar
    Joren Cummins

    Wonderful people, very responsive and kind. They worked with me to reschedule even when it inconvenienced them without complaint. I added an extra inspection I didn’t need and they refunded me automatically. Just an all around great experience!

  • Andrew Sromovski Avatar
    Andrew Sromovski

    My inspector was professional, knowledgeable, and very personable. He walked me through every step of the home inspection process, as well as gave me a by section summary in person prior to leaving the site. I would utilize this company for home inspections in the future, and recommend Nate for an inspection any day.

  • Randhier Ramharakh Avatar
    Randhier Ramharakh

    We have done work with them over the years, they are timely, professional and utilize a lot of technology to make things go as smooth and fast as possible.

  • Rebecca Morton Avatar
    Rebecca Morton

    Although at $325, Home Run Inspections was higher than other inspectors, they said they provide a guarantee and advertised that they "cover all the bases." However we ended up with water leaking around the fireplace, the patio doors, in the hall and dripping from the bathroom light fixture less than six months after closing and are now facing a repair to the AC drain pipe in the foundation, repairs to the fireplace exterior and cap as well as hail damage and wide open cracks in five of the seven boots on the roof. It was raining at the time of the inspection, so the fireplace wasn't examined and the roof was only looked at from inside the attic. However, I climbed in the attic myself today and could see daylight around the pipes, and water streaks. They were also visible in the soot inside the fireplace when I had the chimney cleaned last week, so I question how either of these was missed. At any rate the advertised "guarantee" doesn't cover repairs. It only covers a "buy back" of the property within the first 90 days which had long passed. I would encourage anyone who uses Home Run Inspections to check things out very throughly. Insist on a roof and chimney inspection and go up into the attic yourself if you can. We would have had much greater negotiating power if we had had a proper inspection.

  • bgf24 Avatar

    Home run inspections does not guarantee any thing that they inspect in your home. They have admitted to me in an inspection that they will miss items, and that their inspection is not a warranty. Im looking at about $10000 dollars in repairs after obvious(visible from the middle of the room) water and mold damage to my kitchen and master bedroom was missed. They are not qualified electricians or plumbers. Be careful before taking any inspection they do seriously.

  • Rick Benson Avatar
    Rick Benson

    Fantastic service from an exceptionally talented team of inspectors. In 15 years of being a realtor I find HOME RUN to be one of the few outstanding companies you can trust. Thanks to Scott & his whole team.

    Gwen Benson

  • Josh M Avatar
    Josh M

    My Inspector Steve was very friendly and informative. He made time to answer all my crazy questions and made the process go smoothly. As a first time home buyer, I really appreciate that he didn't make me feel rushed or that I was asking stupid questions.

  • Justin Rucker Avatar
    Justin Rucker

    I have been working with Scott ever since he started doing home and termite inspections. I was a former baseball player so naturally the name is what drew me in first. I consider Scott a friend, and if he does 1 inspection for you, you will use him for the rest of your career, I promise you. He and his team take care of you! I highly recommend Home Run Inspections for home and termite inspections to anyone about to list or purchase real estate!Not to mention they have the coolest pens ever you get to keep, (you’ll understand once you see for yourself)!

  • Zac Thompson Avatar
    Zac Thompson

    Our inspector showed up on time and was very thorough. He was able to walk us through step by step what he had looked at and what was found. We were also very happy with the promptness that we received our final report. I would definitely recommend Home Run for anyone buying a house.

  • Hussein Bitar Avatar
    Hussein Bitar

    pleasant, professional, timely reports

  • Jonell Kieltyka Avatar
    Jonell Kieltyka

    Charlie was very professional. He arrived at the inspection early, worked very thoroughly, and friendly. At the end, he explained all items well. Great job overall!

  • Ty Farrell Avatar
    Ty Farrell

    Scott and his crew were fantastic

  • Jessica Daws Avatar
    Jessica Daws

    Nate and Josiah were professional and very informative! They were both friendly and I will definitely be using Home Run again! Thank you guys so much for helping this first time home owner!

  • Ramsey Aqrabawi Avatar
    Ramsey Aqrabawi

    inspector arrived on time and thoroughly inspected the house inside and out. the report was detailed and easy to read. I will definitely be calling them back for my 11 month inspection.

  • Michele Lesher Avatar
    Michele Lesher

    Did a very thorough job with the inspection for my buyer. The report provide good information with lots of pictures.

  • Monica Z Avatar
    Monica Z

    This team goes above and beyond to ensure the inspection is thorough. Home Run is very professional and the customer service is exceptional.

  • Meghan Groff-Realtor Avatar
    Meghan Groff-Realtor

    Overall, I feel like they do a quality inspection. I really like the report. The convenience of being able to schedule online is amazing.

  • Tim Lidster Avatar
    Tim Lidster

    Aaron was a pleasure to work with. He made my clients feel at ease and ensured that they understood the inspection process as well as answering any of their questions. I highly recommend Home Run Inspections.

  • kyle waggons Avatar
    kyle waggons

    Missed way too many items in my home inspection. Do not use, you will regret it and not be happy with the quality of work they do. I ended up with over 3500 dollars of repairs that needed to be done because Home Run failed to inform me of a leaking roof and foundation was sinking.

  • Jayson Hopek Avatar
    Jayson Hopek

    Very thorough inspections and the owner is extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

  • Hannah Mo Avatar
    Hannah Mo

    Very pleased! The inspector was very knowledgeable and did a very thorough job. Highly recommend this company!

  • Jessica Starr Avatar
    Jessica Starr

    Very knowledgeable and I liked that they walked you through and showed you what they found.

  • Sheri Gilleland Avatar
    Sheri Gilleland

    Very professional and thorough. I will be happy to use again!

  • Tona Oklahoma Avatar
    Tona Oklahoma

    Home Run inspected a home that I am looking at buying as my realtor often uses them and recommended them to me. Good call, lady!Charlie was very thorough and patient with both me and my father who attended the inspection. He answered all of our questions while at the same time being honest about what his limitations are as an inspector and what you just can't predict. (Buying a home is kinda scary.) Charlie also just seems to be generally an all-around great guy. I would use Home Run again and will recommend them to my friends. Two big thumbs up!

  • John Mart Avatar
    John Mart

    Great people help me understand the issue that were wrong with the property


“Five Stars!”

Omar I.

“Always early and thorough; Love Home Run Inspections!”

Valerie P.

“Scott was very thorough with the inspection and the customer service was top notch!!!”

Kirksey T.

“Prompt capable inspectors with clear fair report made quickly.”

Ron B.

“We were sure impressed with you. Personal quality always comes out.”

Julian C.

“I appreciate the professionalism and kindness.”

Penny C.

“I wanted to thank you for the inspection and also say thank you for being so efficient!”

Ron T.

“We will for sure recommend your services if we know anyone buying or selling houses.”

John Z.

“Thank you! Very impressed with you guys so far, and I have yet to meet you!”

Ron T.

“Thank you both for all you do – – I truly appreciate you!”

Kristen A.

“Thank you so much for making this happen on short notice.  I appreciate you & will give out your name as referrals!”

Kathi S.

“I’ve known this young man for years, & he is honest & very dependable.  Call him for an honest inspection.”

Sally D.

Brendan R.

“5 Stars!”

“Hey Scott, if you’re trying to win the Inspector of the Year Award, you just WON!!!!!  THANKS A MILLION!”

Beverly I.

“Mr. Price is a true professional.  I’m glad I chose him for my home inspection.”

Don S.

“Thank you for your very professional work!!!  You’re the best!!!”

Carolyn H.

“You’re the Best!”

Penny C.

“Thank you for being such professionals and detailed in what you do!  Your excellence helps me to be.”

Adalia S.

“You did an excellent job, and if I hear of anyone I’ll be glad to refer you to them…you’re impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Carolyn H.

“I love the convenience of the online scheduler!”

Mark O.

“I will always go with Home-Run for any future inspections! When we got our offer accepted on a Saturday, we needed to schedule our inspection ASAP. Home-Run was the only one company out of a 15 company list that answered me and directed me to their website. I was able to schedule my own time/day, pay, complete the mandatory disclosure, and all of this within 10mins!! When I met Scott, he was beyond pleasant and walked me through everything they found. I really REALLY like them because they are electronically friendly. Meaning, they forwarded the invoice/signed disclosures/inspection report! They had the inspection report completed by end of business that day as promised AND they followed up with me a few days after. It’s because of their promptness, I gave them my business. It’s because of their ability to stand behind their word, that I recommend them. Look no further for a business that gets in touch with you, helps you with recommendations, and is actually enjoyable to work with!”

Elise A.

“Home Run Inspections was absolutely amazing. As a first time home buyer I had many questions, and without hesitation Scott and his team had answers. Not only did they do a very thorough inspection, but they also took the time to explain and teach me how to operate the gas fireplace, sprinkler system, etc. They also provided me with a home inspection manual that teaches you how to maintain your home. They were also nice enough to provide snacks. I would definitely use Home Run Inspections again, and I definitely recommend their services. Also they support our troops.”

Tomeka L.

“Omg the most amazing experience you could have. Both guys who came were very knowledgeable and helped walk me through everything. They brought lots of goodies. Chairs for us to sit in because no furniture was on site, welcome packets, even snacks and drinks for us knowing it would take a few hours. They have been super thorough on the whole report. Walked us through every problem. Emailed me a very detailed report with images of everything you could imagine. Use these guys for your next home inspection. You won’t be disappointed. You will feel as we did, we got so much more than we could have thought for the money. It’s well worth it.  Wow. You guys did such an amazing job. You keep blowing my mind how great of an experience you have made this.  Even brought snacks. Who else would do that? Ha.  Really awesome guys. I will spread the word to everyone.”

Corey L.

“Thank you Mr. Scott Price for your professional evaluation.  I appreciate your attention to detail, thorough teaching walk-through and well organized binder and home inspection report.  I felt that you delivered a professional and quality home inspection as advertised and even above my expectations.  Thank you for your help in making my new home purchase the best deal possible.”

Aaron and Doree G.

“My wife and I were very happy with Scott and Home Run Inspections.  We received our report shortly after the inspection and felt the process went very smoothly.  Thanks!”

James S.

“Thank you for providing your services to my sellers and buyers for their inspections.  Your detailed reports are excellent and appreciated.”

Penny C.

“Thank you Scott!  The report was very detailed and allowed us to use for closing the loan and gave us great insight on the home energy usage as well great picture details!  Thank you again!”

Dennis and Twyla J.

“Well educated, highly professional, and excellent customer service. Always please, they even respond to me after hours and on weekends if I have a question about an inspection item. Excellent team!”

Adalia S.

“We were VERY impressed with Steve, his professionalism, his positive outlook, and his thoroughness. He brought chairs and snacks which was a wonderful surprise. His final explanations were well-defined and specific. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and relatives. I’d say this inspection was a HOME RUN!”

Larry and Susan S.

“Thank you for being awesome and positive about the house. Some inspectors make it sound like the house needs to be demolished, and I have to talk them off the ledge; but not you guys. Please let Nate know I really appreciate his help as well. You’re the best.”

Ron T.

“I appreciate you so much.  Thank you for always making my job easier.  I’m such a fan of Home Run Inspections.  I continue to tell everyone.  You are both so appreciated for the way you conduct your business.  Makes my life easier, and I thank you for that.”

Gwen B.

“You did a professional job, and we will be requesting a reinspection prior to closing.  The water, cookies, and chairs were very nice.”

Gene C.

“Thank you Scott and Sherine for all your hard work and handling our home inspection with the utmost professionalism. We will definitely be referring your services to our friends, family and work colleagues.”

Amanda M. K.

“Home Run Inspections did an Awesome job!  They answered questions during inspection and days after.  They show they care for you as a new home owner!”

Lisa G.

“Thank you for your good work and professionalism! I look forward to working with you in the future!”

Mindy M.