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Preparing Trees for Winter

A lot of home owners were caught off-guard by the recent, relatively early ice storm that impacted much of Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas.  El Reno and Bethany were some of the harder-hit areas this go-round. Keeping your trees well-watered throughout the year makes them stronger during those ice storms and other extreme weather. […]

Anti-Tip Brackets for Ranges

Anti-Tip Brackets for Ranges Anti-tip brackets are metal devices designed to prevent freestanding ranges from tipping. They are normally attached to one of the rear legs of the range or screwed into the wall behind the range, and are included in all installation kits. A unit that is not equipped with these devices may tip over […]

Barbecue Safety

Barbecue Safety With barbeque season already here, homeowners should heed the following safety precautions in order to keep their families and property safe.  Regardless of the type of grill you have, there are risks for improper use. Propane grills present an enormous fire hazard, as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is aware of more than […]

The Safe Room

The Safe Room A safe room, also known as a panic room, is a fortified room that is installed in a private residence (or business) to provide a safe hiding place for inhabitants in the event of an emergency. Why are safe rooms used?   Some reasons include: to hide from intruders. The protection of a […]

Lead in Water

Lead in Water Lead has been determined to be a significant health hazard if ingested, especially by children. Lead damages the brain and nervous system, adversely affects behavior and learning, slows growth, and causes problems related to hearing, pregnancy, high blood pressure, the nervous system, memory and concentration. Lead in drinking water is a direct […]

Lead-based Paint

  Lead-based Paint If ingested, lead can lead to a variety of health problems, especially for children, including brain damage and other serious issues. Lead-based paint may be a hazard when found on surfaces that children can chew or that get a lot of wear and tear, such as windows and window sills, doors and […]


Asbestos Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral used in many construction products. It is considered to be a carcinogen. Asbestos has been used in: sealant, putty, and spackling compounds; vinyl floor tiles, backing for vinyl sheet flooring, and flooring adhesives; ceiling tiles; textured paint; exterior wall and ceiling insulation; roofing shingles; cement board for […]

Flood Zones

Flood Zones  Check with local authorities to determine if your home is in a flood-risk zone. If it is, check with local building officials. Higher standards than those set by national agencies have been adopted by many communities.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Flood Insurance Program have established and defined five […]