Repairing Your Mailbox Door

Hey there home owners!

So a big part of successful home ownership is fixing things that break, as soon as they break.  Really, it’s never been easier to do that.  Just a mere two decades ago, you pretty much had to rely on a handy relative or professionals.  Today we have the internet, which will provide you with a huge variety of products as well as videos by those professionals, showing you how to get your project completed.

I recently noticed my mailbox door was broken, which like at many homes these days, is encased in masonry and mortar.  It’s not easily removed.

But have no fear, there are some smart people out there that will, for a small price, provide you with an easy fix. I did a quick search on the internet and in a few days, the fix showed up!

Sweet! So out to the mail box I went and after about a minute of bending the remaining old connected hinge, the old door was removed.  Within seconds my replacement door is securely in place and ready for action.


Just remember, you have two choices, you can either fix the problems with your home as you live there, or you can basically pay your buyers to do it when they come along by getting less money for your home.

Happy Home Ownership, and Drive Safely Out There!

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