811: Three Numbers That Could Save Your Life


      Believe you me, as a technician working for the cable and phone companies, we went through roll after roll of underground cable during the month of April.  On more than one occasion, in addition to cutting the customer’s own cable line, they had also damaged electrical and gas lines.
     It only takes a few seconds to damage a buried pipeline, but the consequences could last
a lifetime. Digging before having underground utilities marked puts you in serious danger
of injury or even death. But there’s an easy way to prevent that – just dial 811! It’s a free
call that can keep you and your neighbors safe.
     April is National Safe Digging Month and the perfect time to refresh your knowledge
about safe digging practices. There is a vast network of pipelines, telecommunication
cables and electrical wires buried underground that need to be identified before
beginning any digging project to prevent injury, damage and service outages.
One phone call to 8II from wherever you are will route your call to Okie811 which will
alert owners of pipelines, telecommunication cables and power lines to mark their buried
assets within two full business days of the request. There’s no charge to you for this
service. You may also submit a locate request ticket online by visiting www.okie 811.org
or by downloading the Okie811 mobile app.
     Whether you’re planting a tree, tilling soil, installing a deck or sprinkler system or setting
fence posts, always remember to call 811 at least two full business days before you plan
to dig to allow all utility line locations to be marked.
     It’s easy to do. So during National Safe Digging Month, and any time of year, be safe –
call 811 before you dig. For more information about digging safety, visit the safety section
of the website at www.oklahomanaturalgas.com



Source:  Oklahoma Natural Gas
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