Avoiding Home Damage from Trees and Vegetation



It’s that time of year again here in Oklahoma.  Storm season.  Hopefully we will get some much needed rain, but along with this we often get more wind then we would like.

I see this in most of my home inspections.  A lovely tree or bush has become a little to cozy with the side of a home and is causing damage to the exterior of the home as well as the roof.

Before the next weather event comes along, take a look around your abode and make sure there are no opportunities for your trees and vegetation to cause damage to your biggest investment.

A little prevention in the form of tree-trimming goes a long way toward keeping leaves and moss off your roof and keeping your roof damage-free. Abrasion from limbs and leaves that touch your home can eventually damage shingles, vinyl siding, and window screens, especially in high winds.

Overhanging branches also give squirrels and other rodents access to your roof. They can gnaw on your roof and siding. Branches need to be 10 feet away from your roof to keep these pests at bay. If that’s not possible, wrap the tree trunk with a sheet-metal bank to prevent them from climbing the tree.

Trimming branches that hang over the roof is a job for a pro, though, or you might cause more damage than you prevent.

Always think safety before starting a home project.  It’s often worth hiring a pro when you consider the cost of an injury.
Scott Price, CPI, #1532
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